Beeping Smoke alarms Gold Coast

Smoke Alarm faults & Lights Faults 

Did you know most Smoke alarm Faults can be resolved from just replacing the batteries from your smoke alarm.

Creative Electrical Services QLD Services all area & have recently serviced a home in Varsity Lakes near Tuckeroo Parade 4227 Gold Coast

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Smoke alarm Faults can be difficult to find but there are simple little tricks that can save you from calling a electrician. 

First step recognise which Smoke is beeping. 

Is your Smoke alarm beeping because of your power or

Is it low battery because these are your 2 major reasons.

Smoke Alarm Fault  

Now that you have recognised it is your smoke alarm beeping  your first step is to check and replace the batteries.

  • Now replace battery to your smoke alarm 
  • Next step did your smoke alarm beep after No (fantastic)
  • (Yes ) it did continue to beep next step.
  • Press the hush buttom wait 30 minuits smoke alarm should go into normal mode.
  • Still Beeping Call us to inspect the smoke alarm and connections.

Now that you have isolated the problem leave that Smoke alarm off and Hanging from the ceiling remove the battery hold the test button to drain the remaining power out of the smoke alarm and call us to arrive and inspect further. 

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Light Fault 

Step to find your light problem

  • Turn all light switches off 
  • Turn safety switch on 
  • Slowly turn 1 light switch on at a time
  • When you come across one light switch that trips the house turn that switch back off and turn your safety switch on again
  • Proceed to the rest of the house and test all wall switches.
  • OK now you have isolated the problem call us to repair or replace your light fitting.
  • 90% of light problem are the light fitting not the wiring.
  • We cant guarantee it wont be the cables but after further test done with our equipment we can test and resolve the problem on the day. 
  • Always look for water damage and if found do not touch wait for us to test the fitting. 

If your light keep tripping from the beginning of finding the problem call us for assistance and we will guide you through your problem over the phone.

If we cant guide you through over the phone we can send our licensed electrician to your house. 

  Creative Electrical Services QLD is proud to provide fast and reliable advice on all phone call’s & can arrive on the Same Day Services

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More updates on power faults will be posted this week to keep The Gold Coast Safe.

Creative Electrical Services has recently saved cost on repairs in the Varsity Lakes Gold Coast area near Turnstone Circuit & troon Street Court 4227.

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