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Has your smoke alarm gone off in the middle of the night.

doesn’t it seem horrible

and now your at breaking point 

 Well hear is the first tip smoke alarms have a hush button so press that first wait 10 minuets if the smoke alarm has stopped then it has reset then smoke alarm will go back to normal mode.

Im guessing you are still saying it’s still going off well second tip is little strange  pull your vacuum cleaner wait what i said vacuum cleaner thats correct photo electric smoke alarms require smoke or dust to set them of by gently vacuuming around the top of the ceiling were the smoke alarm allows dust and smoke to get in will draw out any dust that is floating inside the smoke alarm.

the reason it will go off is because the dust is covering all the inside sensors that detect smoke and if it large enough it will set the smoke alarm off once you have done that push the hush button and wait another ten minuets.