Smoke Alarms Installations Gold Coast

Smoke Alarms Installations Gold Coast

Are moving forward into 2020. Ready for 2022 Smoke Alarm law’s in rental property. These changes will come into affect by 2022 and all properties in Queensland will have shortage of electricians installing them.  

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Some of our new changes we have made are our new website Called Smoke Alarms Installations Gold Coast dedicated to clients seeking smoke alarm installations on the Gold Coast.

You have most likely seen me pass you on the highway or in Carrara close by. Recently we removed and installed new smoke alarms for customer in Panorama Dr his unit was couple floor up requiring new smoke alarms. After installing his new smoke alarms I explained to him how to operate his smoke alarm and What to do in emergency if the smoke alarm is going off and how to avoid sleepless nights.

All these thing can help each and every client on the Gold Coast. As a local Electrician from Carrara I take great pride arriving on the same day and installing them with efficiency.

As added bonus for this mornings work in carrara my client took me to head office to speak with real estate agent who looks after his complex. We had small chat with there manager on smoke alarms and left them with business card for future work.

Why choose us !! !!! !!!!

  • 12 months in house warranty for any false chirps, squeaks and alarms.
  • Same day Services 
  • Quality parts Installed 
  • licensed installer 75911
  • Affordable prices on installations Gold Coast 

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