Safety Switches

Safety Switches 

Gold Coast Regulations states all homes require safety switches.

So that all Queensland homes are safe from electrical faults such as water damage,hail damage and cyclone Debby that just came through.

Queensland is about to come into summer where heavy rain will follow because of the humidity rising.

Queensland regulations state that all (power circuits) and (lighting circuits) require safety switches.

It also states that any home getting electrical work done today will require a safety switch on the circuit the electrician is working on

For example today your have called up creative electrical services QLD your local electrician and are now getting a ceiling fan installed

before we have install your new ceiling fan we have to inspect the switch board to insure you have a safety switch installed on your lighting circuit if you don’t have a safety switch on your lights.

We will estimate a cost to install a safety switch and once you have approved we can commence installing your new ceiling fan. 

so we have installed the fan but before we start we will inspect your switch board 

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