Safety Switches

Safety Switches

Queensland wiring regulations states all homes require safety switches in 2018.

The Queensland government is pushing for safe homes so that no more tragedies happen.

how to avoid electrical faults such as electrical shocks from power points you will need a safety switch installed.

Creative Electrical Services QLD provides the up most care inspecting your switch board’s to insure the safety switches are protecting your house and family.

New Regulations state that all homes require safety switches on all your circuits including your lights.  

Our professional team of Electricians are working hard every day to provide the best service installing new lights and power points throughout Queensland we offer estimates on all our installations and inspect your switch board for free to insure you have safety switches on the circuits you require   

protection by safety switches are important for you and your family as water damage,hail damage and cyclone Debby are natural causes of electrical outage.

how to avoid power outages during rainy season 

Call Creative Electrical Services QLD for free inspection on your switch boards and house to avoid unnecessary electrical outages.

Our free inspect includes 

switch board 

internal lights, power points, ceiling fans, roof spaces for leaks,

outside, wall lights, weather proof power points and weatherproof isolator’s.

granny flats and garages are most commonly known to cause electrical outages due to leads and power boards sitting on the ground because they are old and full of dust it only takes a little bit of moister to cause the power to trip. 

last year in 2017 we received a call from a client in Robina so our team of Electricians arrived around 6 pm to inspect the switch board and house to find there fitness equipment was in the garage covered in dust within a short time there power was tripping so we inspect the equipment and repaired the short.  

Queensland is about to come into summer where heavy rain will follow because of the humidity rising.

Queensland regulations state that all (power circuits) and (lighting circuits) require safety switches.

It also states that any home getting electrical work done today will require a safety switch on the circuit the electrician is working on

For example today your have called up creative electrical services QLD your local electrician and are now getting a ceiling fan installed

before we have install your new ceiling fan we have to inspect the switch board to insure you have a safety switch installed on your lighting circuit if you don’t have a safety switch on your lights.

We will estimate a cost to install a safety switch and once you have approved we can commence installing your new ceiling fan. 

so we have installed the fan but before we start we will inspect your switch board 

for more infomations call today