Power Points

Power Points are essential in any household- FAQ’s

Power Points 

Power Points – Common Questions Clients ask

How long does a power point last:

Power Points don’t last forever. Creative Electrical Services has been servicing Gold Coast over 6 year’s and have come across many different types, fromPower Points

Weather Proof Power Points 

The weather proof variety are ideal for outside use we commonly find they last up to 20 years in the sun. 

Some weather proof types don’t last as long as other due to cheap imports into Australia Creative Electrical Services only uses clipsal due to there high quality brand they last over 20 years with a high UV rating.

Internal Power PointsPower PointsPower Points

Power points inside your house will last a lot longer due to protection against outside weather they will usually last over 20 year and as a long time Electrician on the gold coast we have services multiple home’s around Merrimack and Robina. We have come across some power point that only last 2 years which is less common because they are cheap imports from china with low grade plastics which can be toxic Creative Electrical Services QLD only use Clipsal brand power point due to there high grade plastics and fantastic surface Finnish we know the client will be happy and satisfied with our service because they will last over 20 years.

Can you install some with extra switch:Power Points

Yes Creative Electrical Services provides high Quality Clipsal brand Power points with a extra switch in the middle.

they are fantastic for incinerators in your kitchen sink due to they only take up one hole for the power point it allow more free space for you to have all your appliances connected to the power point wile being able to turn on and off your incinerator.

they are also common used for cook top isolator’s which can make installing new cook top cheaper.

Electrician such as our team find homes with glass splash backs that can’t have new power points installed so supplying double power point with extra switch and replacing the existing one so that the cook top has a isolator is fantastic. 

Due to the new regulations on cook top installations they require a isolator for protection against fire’s.

They also Require new safety switches to installed on all cook top installations.  Power Points   

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