Great places to eat

Creative Electrical Services QLD

I am writing today’s blogs about places i have serviced on electrical and had a meal the following week withe my family part of working and servicing all of the gold coast shops give me the chance to find the best places to eat knowing its clean and safe with all the electrical done by me.

Yum Yum 

so the first place would be 

Wagu ya chevron for great small restaurant Letting you know highest quality steak you can eat

here’s how i came across this place was I renovated it 2 years ago from front and back it is the cleanest place i have seen to

the owner names is Yoshi he is the most polite  Japanese guy I have ever meet fantastic place to eat.

Second place is the brew house varsity lakes I was there tonight for dinner for my younger sister birthday they serve chicken wings and home brew for $8 dollar chicken wings and cheap beer $7 fantastic clean and easy going staff that was happy for my little niece running around because they are only 1 and half years old