Hot Water Services and Repairs


Hot Water Services and Repairs

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How to determine if you need a electrician to fix your hot water tank call to today and Brenton will explain wether it’s a electrical issue or a plumbing issue

Clients make the mistakes of calling a plumber to come out to site to only find out it’s a electrical issue How to save money with some simple and easy checks on your plumbing pipes that are on the outside of your hot tank if they are hot and still no hot water at your taps call Brenton and he can recommend a plumber.

Service & Repairs

Carries all hot water parts


Thermostats are most often the the reason you are not getting any hot water.

Thermostats the easy way to tell if its working or not.

The first symptoms will be one day it was great and the next day you just don’t have any hot water and then its back to working again that is telling you that the thermostat is breaking down and need to be replaced you will find this to be consistent every few days or weeks.

The second Symptoms will be the hot water is Way too Hot than normal you will find steam coming out of your hot water tank which will most likely be the thermostat has stopped working and is wasting your electricity at a large amount the reason why is because the thermostat is heating your hot water tank all day and all night.

Most hot water tanks only need to heat up between 4 to 6 hours.


Elements are the second part of your hot water tank it get’s turned on by the thermostat which controls the element buy allowing power to pass through into the element.

The element will then heat up your hot water tank once its hot enough the thermostat will stop the power to the element and that is how it all works.

other suggestions would be to call Brenton and have him install off peak meters on your Hot water circuit.

there are multiple different types of off peak meters

the times that you can choose from in return will be cheaper on your electricity bill.

Off Peak Metering

Most common are tariff 11 and tariff 31

Tariff 11 is night time between 10pm and 6am

tariff 31 is day and night time

If your pipes are cold we can help you call us the electricians 1300 303 413

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