Fault Finding

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Electrical fault finding

Some great tips for customers if that’s you call up and say I have a electrical fault but before we book you in we suggest unplugging all the appliances that don’t have power.

The reason we do so is to save time it could be a hair dryer that was faulty  have you unplugged all your appliances if yes your ready to turn your safety switch back on

If the RCBO has tripped again then keep looking around the house for appliances unplug them all once the safety switch stays on then slowly walk back through the house and plug everything back in.

if the safety switch trips stop there and unplug the appliances you just plugged in and turn the safety switch back on there is 65% chance that this is your appliances problem.

if you see a power point like the one below do not touch call us today and we will be at your door shortly.